Ragnarok Mobile: AGI CRIT Lord Knight

9 September 2018 • Edwin Lunando

I am playing in the mean time and I cannot find a well written guide on my class and build. So, I will just write it ono by myself. Since classic Ragnarok, I liked to play as Lord Knight. So, when Ragnarok mobile is out, I keep continue to play the job. This is what I learn until today as AGI(lity) CRIT(ical) (LK)Lord Knight.

This guide will be updated as the time goes because my journey as Swordman is still on going.


Lord Knight is an all rounder class that has a place in every act, but every aspect of the class could be outclassed by other job. They can tank, but Paladin get more defensive skill. They has decent DPS, but Sniper or Assassin has better potential. They has AOE skill, but Wizard far more powerful. Think LK as a jack of all trades, but master of none.

One thing about the CRIT, it give you 1.5x damage and IGNORE DEFENSE. You need to focus your gear/skill progression to abuse this mechanic to fully unleash the potential of AGI CRIT build.

On PvE, they are great since you can deal decent DPS with minimal buff and tank some aggressive mobs. Very efficient hunt since you do not use skill every time you attack.

On MVP, their DPS is below Sniper or Assassin but LK can live longer by withstanding more damage from the MVP. He also can help chipping the mob health with Bowling Bash and tank if the main tank is in problem.

On PvP, LK role is to charge and wreak havoc on enemies back rank. Preferably Priest or Wizard. With good ASPD, you can chip their safety wall easily.



The recommended build from the game is 103 STR/ 81 AGI/ 53 VIT/ 53 LUK. I have tried this build and quite good for general purpose LK. You still can grind efficiently, tank some of MVP, and survive some hits on PvP. Tune it based on your needs.

You may go STR/AGI/LUK for better DPS, but you cannot tank while ET/MVP/Valhalla. Your role will be full DPS. This STR/AGI/LUK is better for grind since you will maximize you DPS. You do not really need VIT while grind.




Lord Knight


At lv below 60, just focus your equipment to increase damage to fasten your grind. You do not really need defense at lower level. When you start ET, Valhalla, or PvP, then you need to think about defense.





Staunch Cape. -10% neutral damage is HUGE with only about 300K zeny. Get the slotted if you have the money.

Foot gear

Rune Boots. +30% Healing and 3% attack. Expensive end game option. Or anything slotted to inlay the Ferus card for more survivalbility since no CRIT option available.


Any attack slotted acc will do since the most important thing is using two Kobold card. My recommendation is Clip, Lunar, Flower Ring. If you have the money, get slotted Brooch, AGI pin, STR ring, or Powerful ring.


For headgear, it is very situational base on what are you fighting, but the priorities is CRIT, slot for card, and damage reduction/increase. These are my favorites:

For PvP


For card, the priorites is similar to equipment. It is CRIT, increase/reduce damage, or status resistance.


Skeleton soldier. +9 CRIT. Bread and butter. Rotar Zairo. +7 CRIT and +10% CRIT damage. MINI boss card, consider it as your end game card.

Or, any damage increase card to monster you are fighting.


Marc. Frozen immunity.


Nightmare. Sleep immunity.


Thara Frog. -30% from demi-human. Must have for PvP. Evil Druid. Stone curse and frozen immunity.


Baphomet Jr. +5 CRIT. It is expensive tho. Raydric. -10% neutral damage. Expensive too.


Ferus. 10% max HP. Decent survivability.


Kobold. +10 CRIT. NON-OPTIONAL. +20 CRIT from acc is a must since it is quite cheap while it gives so much CRIT.


Stay away from the ignore defense rune since CRIT already ignore defense and any other runes.


Your focus is to get the STR, attack, or CRIT buff. Try minimal get 1 on them on each gear. The more, the better. If you are super lucky, get the sharp modifier for increase CRIT damage. Do not waste a lot of money here since it is RNG-based.


Easy, the only option is Mandragora Seed. Add more CRIT. You might want to reset the skill until you get +10 CRIT. Currently, I stop at +8 CRIT until I have the budget to optimized it until +10 CRIT.